$10k In Bitcoin For 10 Years? Ron Paul Fans Pick Crypto Over Gold

Bitcoin is the fan favourite; Ron Paul wants to “eliminate the whole concept of central banking” Say you were given the chance to be gifted $10k but you got to choose how you received it, whether it’s gold, US Treasury Bond, Federal Reserve Notes or Bitcoin. But of course, there’s a catch, you can’t touch it for ten years.

20/12/2017  · $10k in Bitcoin for 10 Years? Ron Paul Fans Pick Crypto Over Gold; Politician Ron Paul: US Government Should ‘Stay Out’ of Bitcoin; Ron Paul: Bitcoin is not ‘True Money’ Reblog. Share. Tweet. Share. Recently Viewed. Your list is empty. What to read next. Coronavirus: 3.2 million furloughed workers ‘may not get their jobs back’ Yahoo Finance UK . Thousands of complaints received over price.

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