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21 Jun 2019.

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Thus the comparison is between two very different things which have a common quality. Such comparisons in English grammar are used for a figure of speech.

Through the past few months, the importance of community interaction and mental well-being has been felt by all. Yet, the.

However, is it correct to use "do" as a verb with "comparison" in a case like this: " We compared these two products and determined that they differ.

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The act of comparing or the process of being compared. b.

(Grammar) grammar Also called: degrees of comparison the listing of the positive, comparative, and.

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Using 比 (bǐ) for Comparison in ChineseThere are several ways to express comparison in Chinese. Among them, 比 (bǐ) is one of the most frequently used to .

26 Oct 2011.

Sure, the name comparative does not proscribe the valency. It is just the form that is used when you are comparing two things. In cases when.