Ether…ethereum…blase Oder Bombe?

Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic (Why Did They Split)23 Oct 2018.

After finding bugs in the code they were testing, Ethereum's core.

three ether to two, but now the upgrade is delayed until at least January.

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13 Jan 2017.

“This protocol upgrade demonstrated growing maturity of Ethereum Classic, as it's starting to blaze its own path not only in terms of ideology,

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Blackstar-BSTAR; Blakecoin-BLC; BlazeCoin-BLZ; BlazerCoin-BLAZR; Blitzcash-.

19, Ethereum Classic, ETC, 6,5652, $765,19M, $1,32B, 1,38%, +0, 91%, -1,90%.

813, Ether Zero, ETZ, 0,00828996, $1,40M, $56,22K, 0%, -2,43%, -1,61%.

941, BOMB, BOMB, 0,938074, $866,73K, $40,27K, 0%, -11,01%, +20, 51%.