Michelle Mone

Baroness Michelle Mone Hits Back at Her Critics | This Morning2 Aug 2015.

When I first thought about inducting soon-to-be Lady Mone, I was a tad conflicted. Isn't Michelle Mone just an East End girl come good?

29 Oct 2009.

AS one of the country's best known business owners, Michelle Mone has a reputation for determination, self belief and hard work. Her Ultimo.

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10 Jan 2018.

Founder of lingerie brand Ultimo Michelle Mone has unveiled on social media that her new lingerie brand will be named 'Michelle Mone.

8 Jan 2018.

News business : Lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone's latest venture will launch in November this year and will be called 'Michelle Mone Intimates',

11 Jan 2009.

We talk to Michelle Mone, the Ultimo Lingerie founder about her philosophy for staying ahead when times are hard.

10 Jan 2018.

Michelle Mone is set to shake up the lingerie market again with the launch of a new business.