Our Team

  • ron

    Ron Roughead

    Ron is the prime architect and one of the founders of the Ignite/TSM strategic alliance. He comes to the effort as a 33 year veteran of the United States Army where he had a variety of assignments in leadership and diplomatic positions, retiring a a Colonel. He is no stranger to the international arena growing up in India, Venezuela, Iran and Libya where his father worked in the oil industry. During his time in the Army he served at embassies and military missions in Liberia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Turkey and the Seychelles ending his career in Kenya a place he comfortably calls home. Since his military service, he has devoted his time as a contractor and consultant for various government agencies in the United States, Iraq and Kenya.

    Over the past few years, he has been a vocal proponent of building business in East Africa. Joining TSM in February of this year. Through the vision of Wayne Green, the CEO of TSM Corporation, he has put together an alliance of several companies, locally lead by Ignite Consulting Ltd where he was recently named as the Director of Operations. He has focused the alliance on the collection and analysis of large amounts of data that can be used by political and business leaders for the advancement of public/private partnerships, economic growth and the betterment of people’s lives.

    Ron currently splits his time between his home in Bradenton, Florida and his base of operations in Nairobi Kenya.

  • Njeri Rionge

    Njeri Rionge

    “One of Kenya’s most successful and revered serial entrepreneurs…” these are the words used to describe Njeri Rionge by Forbes.com in a recent interview.
    With 26 years of leadership and management experience in a broad-spectrum commercial and corporate organizations. Njeri is one of the most recognizable faces in the local and international business, technology and Internet governance world.
    She is known for her passion to ignite potential for personal and organizational effectiveness, and regularly called upon as a mentor, facilitator and public speaker by industry, government and civil society groups alike.

    Njeri is greatly endeared towards the use of technology in bettering business and lives. As co-founder of one of Kenya’s Largest ISP, Wananchi Ltd – East Africa’s first mass market oriented ISP – she has been a great influence in the Kenyan Tech scene. She later founded, Insite Ltd an Online Business Solutions, company that uses cloud based solutions to make businesses easier to manage and more efficient, with products such as Peach CRM – Kenya first fully fledged CRM.

    Njeri shuttles between the city of Toronto in Ontario – Canada, where she lives and her home country in Nairobi Kenya, where she runs her technology companies with partners of similar ethos.

    Success is defined by increased value – not simply financial rewards – Njeri Rionge