Roger Ver Joins Other Libertarians In Announcing A New Nation

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10 Oct 2018.

Another reason why Ver is considered highly controversial is because of his ongoing citizenship and visa concerns. Although born in the United.

Roger Ver announces the new ACD Token15 Nov 2017.

The NAGA Group AG welcome CEO Roger Ver and COO.

AG announced today that CEO Roger Ver had joined.

which supports the idea of libertarianism that is embraced by Roger.

vision and communicating that vision to others while staying on top of trends in the industry.

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23 Sep 2017.

Where many have failed, Bitcoin superstar Roger Ver hopes to succeed in creating his own country — with no government other than the free market.

enthusiast Olivier Janssens to create a brand new country.

has always been the ideal for philosophical libertarians and Anarcho-Capitalists, and political.