What We Do


We identify client need for data and develop recommendations that solve the most difficult client problems. We provide a variety of products and services that offer analytics and solutions in an areas that depend on data mining, engineering, logistics, training, aviation, security, intelligence and a variety of technical support systems. Our clients include organizations from private industry and government.

Our focus is on the rapidly expanding markets in East Africa. We have recognized that across Africa there are countless examples of people taking control of their destiny and causing significant changes in government, business and their personal lives. At Ignite Consulting we have created a strategic coalition of international partners, each with a proven record of performance and each a leader in their field.

Together, we believe that businesses and agencies need data to function effectively in today’s environment. We are passionate about the collection and use of accurate data to formulate new opportunities, to solve critical problems and to identify investment value regardless of the enterprise. To do this we use state of the art technology to capture, analyze, store and disseminate relevant data to clients and employ cloud mobile telephony for ease of access to any analyses generated. Our specialized teams include skilled people from varied disciplines all seeking to mitigate risk and maximize benefits for our clients.

Our technical experts from TSM Corporation excel in the fields of intelligence, engineering, logistics, and training. TSM also provides the program management and systems integration talent for the implementation of contracted programs.

The Galileo Group Inc. is an advanced technology company specializing in applied hyperspectral imaging and remote sensing services. The company brings over 16 years of experience supporting a variety of civil, military and commercial customers in environmental, forestry, agricultural, industrial and biomedical markets.

Phoenix Air provides our private industry and government clients with global aviation assets from air charter to air ambulance to air cargo to military training. Phoenix Air is one of the most trusted names in the aviation industry.

Reed Inc. provides professional security, training, logistics, construction management environmental services and demining for clients worldwide. They specialize in operations in remote and high-risk geographical environments.